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The Ouachita Podcasts
Episode 15: Gizmo's
The Ouachita Podcasts
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The Ouachita Podcasts
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Rick Chrisman

Woodworker/American Artisans

Rick Chrisman is the owner of American Artisans in historic downtown Mena, Arkansas. At his resturant, he’s incorporated an art gallery/craft sale to accompany his gourmet food. As well as this, Rick has an accomplished woodworking business, working with big name brands like Chili’s and On the Border. 

tom oar

Tom Oar

History Channel- 'Mountain Men"

Tom was a fan-favorite star of the History channel’s show ‘Mountain Men’, where they gave viewers a glimpse into the lives of people who live off-grid. Though Tom was a successful bull-rider in his youth, he now spends his days on the show demonstrating his skills as a trapper, selling pelts and making period correct clothing for Black Powder Rendezvous meetings.

Bill Barnes _2019 (1)

Bill Barnes

Mountain Harbor Resort

Bill Barnes is a dedicated man who is passionate about serving people. Owner of the Mountain Harbor Resort in Mount Ida, Arkansas, he has plenty of stories to tell about the changes he endured from being a young boy in Colorado and being plucked from his life to taking over his father’s investment. 


Morris McCann


 Morris McCann is an accomplished musician, opening for and playing with big names such as Toby Keith, George Jones, and even Merle Haggard. Along with his music, though, Morris’ passion also falls with homesteading and bushcraft. As a student under Cody Lundin, he’s walked with some of the biggest and best survivalists around, even attending “Rabbit Stick”, the who’s-who for bushcraft and survival.