The Ouachita Podcasts

The Ouachita Podcasts
The Ouachita Podcasts
Episode 24: Spearpoint
The Ouachita Podcasts
The Ouachita Podcasts
Episode 24: Blaine Bailey
The Ouachita Podcasts
The Ouachita Podcasts
Episode 20: Lightning Billy


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sheriff scott sawyer

Scott Sawyer

Polk County Sheriff

Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer is a dedicated law man. Some kids dream of being doctors or the president, while some, like Scott Sawyer, dream of being heroes. Through his hard work, dedication and stand-up citizenship, he has become the Sheriff of Polk County. 


Lost Among Locals

Travel Vloggers

Ryan and Abby here-hubby and wife wandering the world, looking for interesting locals. We try to get lost daily and find the best festivals and local traditions, eat the weirdest food, and just make friends with the locals of the world, and of course bring you all along!
Motto: Travel the world. Meet the People.
Daily goal: Get a local to take us home and feed us!


John Maddox

Arkansas State representative

John Maddox is not only our state representative, but also a successful attorney. A Mena native, John Maddox is dedicated to doing what is best for his community. 

keith sayers

Keith Sayers

Expert Survivalist, 'Alone'

Keith Sayers was one of the featured survivalists on the History Channel show ‘Alone’. Since the show, he now runs Ramshackle Homestead and Survival, a YouTube channel with his wife about survival and homesteading.