Episode 13: Bill Barnes

In this episode, Ashley and Jeri go on location with Bill Barnes, owner of Mountain Harbor Resort in Mt. Ida, Arkansas. Barnes tells his story, from being a small boy moving across the country, to owning and operating one of the most successful marina-resorts in Arkansas.

2 comments on “Episode 13: Bill Barnes

  1. Rachel Neighbors says:

    I’m so proud to be an employee at this great resort and work for amazing family.

  2. Connie Bailey Hendrixson says:

    Bill, hopefully you will remember me! As a young girl, my family camped at Mt. Harbor every summer for 2 weeks! Happiest memories til today. Just recently shared our favorite stories. You were one of my stories! I met you when you worked on the docks! We became friends but lost touch obviously! Life has gone well but I recently decided to reach out to people that were special in my life, that I am trying to reconnect!! I realize you are a very busy man! Hope to hear back and catch up!

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