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Episode 95: Tea Bagging

In this episode the boys discuss parenthood. -Hollywood for ugly people.-Spillage.-Tyler has the news.-How to ruin a child.-Ready for failure.-Not equipped to talk about this.-Justice system for Whites vs...

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Episode 94: Legalese

In this episode the boys Power, Pants, and Parenting. -Lending things to friends.-Carrot Top Stinks-Thespian Adam Sandler.-Mid Term Elections.-Fighting over inheritance.-Fast, Cheap, and Good.-Middle of the night parenting.-Yesterday’s man...

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Episode 93: “Worst Of” Part 2

In this episode the boys compile their worst moments from the early Regrettble episodes 11-20. It’s funny how far the podcast has come especially the quality of audio as...

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Episode 92: Ham-fisted

In this episode the boys Rap on Radio, Rage, and Raj. -Number one schill.-Dave and Mahoney, Eric and Kathy.-Patrick is old and young.-Parents Parenting.-Live-PD and COPS.-Hosting Ouachitas.-Yelling at inanimate...

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Episode 91: Red Alert

In this episode the boys rag on Recording, Radio, and Russkies. -Getting Pulled Over.-Tyler fails the Phonetic Alphabet.-Beards are gross.-The Ouachata podcasts.-Patrick’s been sick.-Lip rings and Crystal Pepsi.-Let’s get...

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Episode 90: “Worst Of” Part 1

In this episode the boys compile their worst early Regrettable moments. Apologies for the swinging audio, we were still finding the audio sweet spot in these early episodes and...

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Episode 89: The Red Button

In this episode the boys forget to press record. -Mid conversation.-We Might Fight.-Tyler yells at Jay for not taking the trash out.-How men act with men.-We miss Jay on...

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Episode 88: International Podcast Day

In this episode the boys Rap on Radio, Recruitment and Regret. -Lubricated mic Stands.-Favorite Podcasts.-Radio Hacks and getting deep on the industry.-Honesty gets listeners.-Getting ready for nuclear war.-Army recruitment...

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Episode 87: Broken Glass

In this episode the boys Midar saws, Marinara and Mafias. -Would you like a bowl of ringworm?-Spray paint and Nyquil Chicken.-The Canadian blow up teacher doll.-My gender expression.-Sorry sir….-Jay...

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Episode 86: Ample Hampers

In this episode the boys Regroup at Tylers House -Brendan Schaub.-UFC 279 Conspiracy-Wrestling needs a heel.-The internet thot is back.-Facebook is heroin.-Rapid Fire relationship questions.-Learning to cook.-No Kimmy Jimmel...

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Episode 85: I Kill Everybody

In this episode the boys get Zen on Zelda, Zuckerberg and Zero Chances. -Swindled by a good salesman.-Nintendo 64 prices.-Games are not fun anymore.-In App purchases are out of...

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Episode 84: The Judge

In this episode the boys pay respect to a legend. -Bad podcasts.-Colby Covington stinks.-Jake Paul got power.-The Golden Pighouse.-Parent’s cooking.-The State of Hochatown.-The County loses a great man.-Will this...

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Imagine you've turned on a podcast intent on listening to a group of well-read guys full of quality information on topics you find important. This isn't that podcast. Jay, Tyler, and Patrick cultivate hilarity in the most relatable ways. The 'better left unsaid' doesn't exist on Regrettable.