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Episode 31: Brick Rodeo

In this episode the boys chop up Cookie, Cab Fare, and Cutting Vegetables.-The boys celebrate Soulja Boy’s Birthday.-Unsolicited Dizzle Pizzles.-Patrick’s Secret Hobby.-Jay pushes prep off until next week.-Creepy Listener...

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Episode 30: Rebels

In this episode the boys celebrate their 30th episode with guest host Greg Revels. Bezos is Dr. Evil. Blue Virgin X. Everyone wants Greg Revels. Rural Arkansas in the...

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Episode 29: Duds

In this episode the boys Confess on Chronology, Children and Cream Cheese. Patrick uses life as prep. Jay is done. For the diabetic on the go! Tyler and his...

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Episode 28: The Grand Finale

In this episode the boys Harp on Hesitant Hijackers, Harassment, and Hochatown Cruise’s. Vin Diesel and The Rock stop a hijacker. Catch Those bees or catch these hands. Tyler...

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Episode 27: Last Man Standing

In this episode the boys Feed on Flutes, The Fifth Element, and Fleetwood Mac. It’s clear Patrick’s hatred for Tyler is getting critical. Tyler is in love with an...

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Episode 26: The Monk of Dew Mountain

In this episode the boys celebrate half a year of podcasting. -Patrick hates British accents. -Jay discovered Window Shopper for OKC -Tyler encounters a mini boss. -Cream of mushroom...

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Episode 25: Two Cats

In this episode the boys Lecture on Las Vegas, Log jams and Living together. Tyler doubts the efficacy of EOD suits. Patrick’s not finished with his story. Jay is...

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Episode 24: Spearpoint

In this episode the boys spill on Sea world, Speakeasy’s and Shame.-Patrick destroys lucid dreams. -Tyler is dating Jennifer Aniston.-What’s the shark that looks like a whale? -Jay does...

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Episode 23: IRL

In this episode the boys speculate on Sponsors, Streamers and Spear Points.-Tyler never painted by numbers.-Don’t watch people perform your craft.-This IS the job.-Nobody’s life is worth streaming.-Jay needs...

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Episode 22: The Twenty Second Episode

In this episode the boys celebrate Jay’s Birthday! Everyone hates water. Patrick’s gotta pluck that squash. Jays favorite Birthdays. Tyler tells a really dumb story. We create r/mulch. Catsup flavored chips....

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Episode 21: Dreamcore

In this episode the boys -Tyler can burp on command-Jay says stop singing-Tyler still wants to tap it-“He looks like if fentanyl was a person” -Patrick is ruthless-“Most likely to commit mass...

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Episode 20: Lightning Billy

Title: Lightning BillyIn this episode the boys celebrate their 20th episode.-Tyler tries to kill Jay-Jay describes Tex-Mex-Everyone drops the ball-The boys go camping-Patrick still wants the pork chop back-Jay...

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