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Episode 166: Ranting and Railing

In this episode Tyler is unhinged. -Busy is busy.-Do the bit!-Ruining Family Holidays.-Blaming everyone but yourself.-Is social media imporatant in relationships?-Men on facebook.-How famous is Will Smith. Check us...

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Episode 165: Scabies

In this episode the boys are back from a vacation. -What to do for vacation.-Staycations are not worth it.-Swamp Booger Mercantile.-Dustin vs Islam.-Toddler Tantrums.-Patrick emasculates another dad.-Gambling on the...

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Episode 164: Jay’s Vacation Part 2

In this episode the boys took a week off. -Cruisin’ Jay.-Who has the best Red Light District?-Why The States are the best.-No Gizmo = No Alcohol.-Don’t try to fix...

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Episode 163: Jay’s Vacation Part 1

In this episode the boys get ready for a week off. -The 2nd Amendment.-What kind of guns she we be allowed to have?-Yards sales and trunk selling.-Hiding from the...

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Episode 162: Dollars and Sense

In this episode the boys harp on Millenials, Money and Men. -Where to podcast From?-buying a house as a millenial.-The American dollar.-Getting more conservative with age.-Federal money in Education.-Fannie...

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Episode 161: Block of Cheese

In this episode the boys Dish on Drugs, Discord and Dedication. -Forced to be on the Radio.-You can’t trust an addict.-Firing a Meth Head.-Tyler has no Black Friends.-Speaking at...

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160: No Hitter

In this episode the boys Babble on Baseball, Babies and Biden. -Actors selling Pepsi.-WNBA Ratings.-Whiney Pitchers.-Fans souring games.-UFC 300 Party.-Donalds Hush Money.-Pave over Iran.-Straight Pipes. Check us out on...

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159: Dumpy Town

In this episode the boys decide between the eclipse and O.J. -Group Messages.-The Eclipse has passed.-Aletercation at McDonald’s.-The Corona was amazing.-If I did it.-Tyler saved his mothers life.-UFC 300....

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Episode 158: Whale Man

In this episode the boys Hear out Hospitals, Hokum and Hard Candy. -Radio hearing issues.-Can’t kiss my own son.-Google AI search filters.-Healthcare problems.-2 Spirit Person.-From the Pacific to the...

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Episode 157: Lunchable Pizza

In this episode the boys Harp on Health Class, High School, and Hog Baths. -The trials of the flu.-Colonoscopies and Prostate exams.-Sex Ed and Health class awkwardness.-The Best/Worst teachers.-I...

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Episode 156: Cash Advance Now

In this episode the boys Clap on Clocking in, Car Dealerships and Country Music. -A defecit of episodes.-When’s the last time you were docked a day?-Jay’s many many Jobs.-The...

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Episode 155: Don’t Shoot Me

In this episode the boys Sitcoms, Saskatchewan, and the Suga Show. -Spotify Stinks.-Why is Katt Williams Relevant.-Best and worst Sitcoms.-Fran Drescher is so hot.-Bernie Mac was a beast.-Tremors is...

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