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Episode 04: Not Tonight Bro

In this episode the boys mull on Marriage, Managing, and Mcdonalds Fights. Want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has stuck with us so far, all...

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Episode 03: Lackeys

In this episode the boys contemplate Cuba, Cruz, and Costumes. Always remember to have some fun with us as we brush over fairly sensitive issues, considering none of us should...

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Episode 02: Crept Up On You

In this episode the boys pontificate on Protesters, Politics, and Privacy. This episode may be a little heavier considering America experienced a singular event this week. We hope everyone...

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Episode 01: Experience in Stuff

In this inaugural episode the Boys flap on Fast Food, Fighter pilots, and Full metal jacket. All editing, producing, and music production credits Tyler Massey. Disclaimer: Mild language, sensitive...

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Tyler, Jay, & Patrick

A dynamic showcase between 3 differing personalities, displaying opinions on topics they probably shouldn't be talking about. Sometimes brutally honest, occasionally thought provoking, but always in the spirit of what we think is funny.