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Ashley Smith

the ouachita chronicles host

In addition to co-hosting The Ouachita Chronicles with her partner in crime, Jeri, Ashley is the General Manager of Pulse Multimedia. In what little free time she has, Ashley enjoys traveling with her husband and hanging out with her three children. She is a textbook Type A personality, reads way too much into her astrological sign, and although she loves to travel, the Ouachitas will always be home.

Jeri Pearson

The ouachita chronicles host

Jeri co-hosts The Ouachita Chronicles with her best friend and colleague, Ashley. When Jeri isn’t providing colorful commentary to podcast interviews, she is the News Editor of The Polk County Pulse. A Louisiana native, she now calls the Ouachitas home. She is sometimes silly, sometimes serious, but is always belting out showtunes. In her spare time, Jeri expresses her excessive creativity through painting and wordsmithing.

Jay Wesley Lindly

regrettable host

Graduating in Oklahoma City, Jay has 20+ years experience in the broadcasting industy, from big city to small town. He has hosted his own morning show, The Morning Brew, for nine years out of DeQueen, Arkansas on KDQN.

Tyler Massey

regrettable host

Born in Arkansas, Tyler moved around quite a bit in his younger years and ended up in Canada. He graduated High school in 2011, and worked in the service industry for many years until getting a job in Arkansas Radio in 2020.

Patrick Massey

regrettable host

An accomplished local journalist, Patrick has been reporting in southwest Arkansas for over a decade. He has experience in the newspaper industry, and now the News Director for KDQN in De Queen, Arkansas.

Steve Stillwell

Steve Stilwell

The ouachita bushcraft & survival show host

Steve is a former police officer, military veteran, sports writer and freelance journalist who actively enjoys hunting, hiking, fishing and bushcrafting in various outdoor settings. He firmly believes that survival skills are essential for anyone and everyone who ventures into the wilderness. His motto is; the more you know, the further you can go!

Trey Youngdahl


Also known affectionately as “Producer Trey”, he can often be found behind a camera, or a mixing board, recording and editing podcasts. His voice can be heard on The Ouachita Chronicles and The Ouachita Bushcraft and Survival Show. 

Pryce Robertson

Trivia Tracks Host

Pryce Robertson is an integral part of the Radio Works family, having had a passion for broadcasting all his life. He joined Radio Works in March 2018 when the company bought Fox Sports 92.7 FM, where he worked at for three-and-a-half years. Trivia Tracks began on Y95 in the spring of 2012 and moved to Fox Sports 92.7 in 2015. It continues to air on Fox Sports 97.1 today.

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