behind the scenes

Episode 24: Blaine Bailey

In this episode, Ashley and Jeri sit down (virtually) with Mena native Blain Bailey. An expert chef, Blaine has seen the lifestyle that often comes with the career and has experienced the negative effects firsthand. Because of this, he started In The Weeds, a non-profit geared towards chefs and people working in the restaurant industry….

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Episode 11: Keith Sayers Part 1

In this episode, Steve Stillwell sits down with Keith Sayers. Keith Sayers was one of the featured contestants on the History Channel show ‘Alone’. They talk about Keith’s time on the show, flintlock hunting, and turkey hunting, as well as the mental aspect of survival. The Ouachita Bushcraft and Survival Show is brought to you…

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Episode 18: Written-Off Simpsons Characters, The Carter Family, Skandor Akbar, Uncle Joe Cannon

In this episode, Pryce talks about Characters no longer on The Simpsons (Lionel Hutz, Troy McClure, and Maude Flanders), Facts about The Carter Family, “Uncle Joe” Cannon (the man who’s often called the most dominant Speaker in the history of the House of Representatives; he held that position from 1903 to 1911. In 1923, the…

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