Tabb Singleton

In Episode 94 Jay and Shilo sit down with the owner of Phat Tabb’s BBQ in Idabel, Tabb Singleton. A premier chef in the area, Tabb has been in some of the biggest kitchens in America for decades and brings his award-winning flavors to our little hidden paradise that’s not so hidden anymore. Oh, and…

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Episode 25: Blaine Bailey

In this episode, Ashley and Jeri sit down (virtually) with Mena native Blain Bailey. An expert chef, Blaine has seen the lifestyle that often comes with the career and has experienced the negative effects firsthand. Because of this, he started In The Weeds, a non-profit geared towards chefs and people working in the restaurant industry….

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Episode 04: Justin Lapenter

Certified personal trainer, chef, permaculture design consultant, and world traveler, Justin Lapenter, shares his story of overcoming a tragic accident and embarking on worldwide nomadic adventures. Justin breaks down the food system in relation to health and wellness, recalls his time studying at the Earthship Biotecture Academy, and gives the OC gals the low-down on…

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