Episode 20: The De Queen Classic PT 2

In this episode Greg Revels and Toney Stowers recap the De Queen Classic and hear everyone’s thoughts moving forward. -De Queen Girls head coach Eden Spears joins the show.-Phillip Fields calls in to discuss the Cossatot River Eagles.-We talk to Horatio Lions Coach Issac Minton. -Jim Cross calls in to kick off the Panthers basketball season.-Jeff…

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Episode 87: Broken Glass

In this episode the boys Midar saws, Marinara and Mafias. -Would you like a bowl of ringworm?-Spray paint and Nyquil Chicken.-The Canadian blow up teacher doll.-My gender expression.-Sorry sir….-Jay goes on the danger zone.-Secondary school is useless.-The strip club manager. The Regrettable Podcast brought to you by Laura Lindly Attorney at Law.Check us out on…

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Episode 61- Remmie and Gracie

In this episode, Ashley and Jodi have Remmie and Gracie. As you can tell by their fancy accents, they are UARM’s soccer players from England! They talk about cultural differences, the process of coming to the states, and playing college soccer. The Ouachita Chronicles is brought to you by Don’s EZ Pay!

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