Episode 92: Ham-fisted

In this episode the boys Rap on Radio, Rage, and Raj. -Number one schill.-Dave and Mahoney, Eric and Kathy.-Patrick is old and young.-Parents Parenting.-Live-PD and COPS.-Hosting Ouachitas.-Yelling at inanimate objects.-India and Pakistan. The Regrettable Podcast brought to you by Laura Lindly Attorney at Law.Check us out on social media, or send us an email at…

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Episode 08: Eddie Price

In this episode, Steve has Mena Police officer Eddie Price on the show. The two of them discuss hunting (specifically bow hunting), as well as the changes in bow hunting through the years. Price has been bow hunting for years and is very experienced in tuning, along with competition archery. The Ouachita Bushcraft and Survival…

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