Episode 37: Desiree Dore

In this episode, Ashley and Jeri sit down with mystic Desiree Dore. Des can only be described as “a beautiful ball of light, spreading love and happiness wherever she goes.” She talks about her trauma, history with abuse, how she became spiritual, and even runs the ladies (as well as the listeners) through a breathing…

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Episode 25: Blaine Bailey

In this episode, Ashley and Jeri sit down (virtually) with Mena native Blain Bailey. An expert chef, Blaine has seen the lifestyle that often comes with the career and has experienced the negative effects firsthand. Because of this, he started In The Weeds, a non-profit geared towards chefs and people working in the restaurant industry….

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Episode 19: Pasta

In this episode, the boys Dish on Depression, Discipline, and Dirty Floors. The Joshua Tree, Patrick loves mowing, bug genocide, Tyler is sick of the Raving Lunatics, Jay blames Boomers for today, Patrick fantasizes about being a filthy peasant, Tyler does the cricket. Check us out on social media, or send us an email at All music…

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