Episode 20: Special- Justin Richmond

In this episode, Ashley and Jeri sit down and talk with “famous” playwright and Pulse Multimedia receptionist extraordinaire, Justin Richmond. Now a multi award-winning playwright and at the young age of 19, Justin talks about his inspiration, his writing process, his experience working in the Pulse Multimedia circus and much more! The Ouachita Chronicles is…

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Episode 13: Harriet Parsons, Al Martino, Douglas ‘Ox’ Baker, and The Forester Sisters

In this episode, Pryce gives you the details on one of the first hollywood producers Harriet Parsons, crooner legend Al Martino, classic wrestler Douglas Baker, and 50s snack revolutionary Ellios Pizza, and girl group ‘The Forester Sisters’.

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Episode 11: Carey Byars

In this episode, the girls (virtually) sit down with film-maker and professor Carey Byars. Byars created a documentary about the Commonwealth college, a radical, left-wing labor college located near Mena, Arkansas during the Great Depression. How was the college founded? Who were the alumni? Was there really a communist revolt within the college? Listen along…

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