Episode 6: Ghost Stories

In celebration of Halloween, Patrick takes this episode as a frightening opportunity to explore some of the spookiest tales ever told in Southwest Arkansas. From the Caddaja of Caddo Indian folklore to Avon Cemetery and the Fouke Monster, this is an episode that’s sure to send a few chills down your spine. Happy Halloween! Learn more…

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Episode 08: TRUE CRIME- Old Mike

Could you imagine driving past a corpse every day? What about growing up with one on display in close proximity to you? Well, in the small town of Prescott, Arkansas, a real human corpse was left out on display right on the roadside for over 60 years! Who was this man? Why was he left…

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Episode 04: SUPERNATURAL- The Crescent Hotel, “America’s Most Haunted Hotel”

The notoriously haunted Crescent Hotel is not only a staple of Eureka Springs, but of Arkansas in general. Did you know that a quack, self-proclaimed doctor named Norman Baker scammed hundreds of dying cancer patients into coming from all over the world, only to end up being slowly poisoned? The Crescent was the playground for…

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