jay lindly

Episode 05: You Wrong For That

In this episode the boys chatter about Customers, Convenience, and Cockroaches. NO POLITICS, we wanted to say thanks to everybody sticking through with us and we had a lot of fun with this one! All production and music credits Tyler Massey, a huge thanks to everyone at The Ouachita Podcasts. Jay Lindly and Patrick Massey…

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Episode 04: Not Tonight Bro

In this episode the boys mull on Marriage, Managing, and McDonalds Fights. Want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has stuck with us so far, all music and production credits Tyler Massey. Patrick Massey and Jay Lindly Co hosting. Stick with us through some more sensitive subjects, Disclaimer: Mild Language.

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Episode 03: Lackeys

In this episode the boys contemplate Cuba, Cruz, and Costumes. Always remember to have some fun with us as we brush over fairly sensitive issues, considering none of us should be talking about this stuff anyways. All music and production credits Tyler Massey, Co-Hosts are Jay Lindly and Patrick Massey. Disclaimer: Mild Language, Sensitive Subjects.

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