Episode 87: Broken Glass

In this episode the boys Midar saws, Marinara and Mafias. -Would you like a bowl of ringworm?-Spray paint and Nyquil Chicken.-The Canadian blow up teacher doll.-My gender expression.-Sorry sir….-Jay goes on the danger zone.-Secondary school is useless.-The strip club manager. The Regrettable Podcast brought to you by Laura Lindly Attorney at Law.Check us out on…

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Episode 03: TRUE CRIME- The Rise and Fall of Frank Flynn, The Crime Boss of Hot Springs

Hot Springs, Arkansas is known nationally for Oaklawn, the horse-racing enterprise and gambling facility. But, gambling used to be very illegal in Hot Springs and it was all controlled by one sinister man. From a violent shooting from the mayor, to the outlaw confederate general who was employed to eradicate gang activity, in this episode…

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