music history

Episode 27: Last Man Standing

In this episode the boys Feed on Flutes, The Fifth Element, and Fleetwood Mac. It’s clear Patrick’s hatred for Tyler is getting critical. Tyler is in love with an android. Jay is bored to death. Patrick describes a meme. Jay nails Tyler’s hacky top 5 bit. Tyler talks for what seems like an hour. Patrick…

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Episode 24: Graphic Novels, The Undertaker, A Dangerous Banana, and Musical Pioneers

In this episode, Pryce talks about some great moments in graphic novels, wrestling legend The Undertaker, how a Salt Lake City woman sustained injuries…from a banana!… and a look at two pioneers in the music industry, punk/garage rockers The Monks and Wanda Jackson, the “Queen of Rockabilly”.

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Episode 19: Mel Tillis, Shandi Sinnamon, Wendy Richter, Mark Tatum, and Jim Brady

In this episode, Pryce gives you the facts about Mel Tillis, singer-songwriter Shandi Sinnamon (a replay of a previous segment), women’s wrestling star Wendi Richter, the story of Mark Tatum aka “The Man Without a Face” (yet another replay of a recent segment), and how Gilded Age icon Diamond Jim Brady ate himself to death…

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