story time

Episode 22: Keena Ashcraft

In this episode, Ashley and Jeri Sit down with Keena Ashcraft. Keena relives and recounts her incredible struggle with addiction. Starting from a young age, through the years she fought not only addiction, but also the things that come along with it like mental health, struggling to hold healthy relationships, instability etc. In part one…

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Episode 21: Lost Among Locals

In this episode, Ashley (and an absent Jeri) sit down with travel bloggers, Ryan and Abby Davis, better known as Lost Among Locals! They talk about travel hacking, travel essentials, what led them to traveling full time and share stories from their crazy adventures. The Ouachita Chronicles is brought to you by Don’s EZ Pay…

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Episode 05: Remembering “The Natural” Butch Reed and David

In this episode, Uncle John and Kelly Blair remember road trippin’ with friends, shorts and poor weather, “The Natural” Butch Reed (formerly known as “Hacksaw” Butch Reed), and John’s old friend David Elliot.

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