the ouachita bushcraft and survival show

Episode 05: Mike Lowe- Part 2

In this episode, Steve Stillwell continues his conversation with Mike Lowe, from our previous episode. In this installment, Steve and Mike talk about the importance of faith and psychology in a survival situation, experience in military survival training, and the 5 essential survival foods to find in the wild.

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Episode 05: Mike Lowe

Mike Lowe was one of the many talented survivalists featured on the History Channel Show ‘Alone’. In this episode, he talks about his experience with the show, his homestead, bushcraft ingenuity, wilderness cooking and more.

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Episode 03: Ray Livingston

Ray Livingston was one of the featured survivalists on the History Channel show ‘Alone’. Known for his spiritual and philosophical approach to survivalism, he feels a deeper connection to nature than many people in the business. In this episode, Steve and Ray talk about the audition process for the show, what led him to bushcraft,…

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