The Ouachita Podcasts

The Ouachita Podcasts
Episode 13: Remembering John's mother, Tim Hamilton, and Charlie Rich
The Ouachita Podcasts
Episode 17: Derek Miller
The Ouachita Podcasts
Episode 08: Eddie Price


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Derek Miller

Personal Trainer

Derek Miller is a fitness expert/personal trainer. Miller is known as the owner/operator of the first kettlebell gym in Arkansas, as well as an award-winning power-lifting champion. 


Eddie Price

Police officer/Bow hunter

Eddie Price is a police officer, as well as being a very decorated bow hunting and archery expert. Eddie has taken several game, including deer, turkey and even bear- all with a bow. 


Cynthia Martin

Director of CASA

Cynthia Martin is the director of CASA of the Ouachitas. Starting her journey with CASA as a volunteer, she has not only dedicated her career, but her life to protecting and advocating for children in need. 


Ray Shelley

Western Re-enactor

Ray Shelley is the former police chief of the Mena PD. As well as this, he’s also a now retired western re-enactor, active in the Fort Smith area.