The Ouachita Podcasts

The Ouachita Podcasts
Episode 11: Walter Winchell, Eero Mäntyranta, 'King Kong' Bundy, and Carey Grant
The Ouachita Podcasts
Episode 07: In the History Books
The Ouachita Podcasts
Episode 05: Mike Lowe


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Featured Guests


Mike Lowe

Alone contestant and survival instructor

Mike Lowe is a former military survival instructor and was recently a featured survivalist on the History Channel show ‘Alone’. Known for his bushcraft engineering, he now spends his days teaching students his survivalism techniques. 


Lindsay Persico


Though she was featured on the History Channel show ‘Alone: The Beast’, Lindsay is actually more associated with being an avid hunter,  and running the website HuntFiber, where she shares hunting stories, gear reviews, wild-harvest cooking recipes, and even fitness. 


James Earl Turner

Politician and actor

James Earl Turner is known both as a politician and actor with the OLT, but we had him come in as a local historian. He loves to recount his days ‘dragging main’, and growing up in Mena. 


Derek Campbell

the ouachitas

Derek details the long road from conception to execution of Polk County’s first microbrewery. It all started with a good cup of coffee and a thirst for knowledge and ended with the creation of one of Mena’s coolest hangouts.