Episode 01: TRUE CRIME- James “Red” Hall

If you knew what was good for you, you wouldn’t be picking up hitchhikers. There have been an estimated 500 hitchhiking murders on the interstate since 1979 (https://wandrlymagazine.com/article/hitchhiking/). Imagine a more safe time though, suppose the 1940’s. Would you consider picking up a hitchhiker then? Well, if you answered yes, then you would’ve been at risk of picking up one of the deadliest murderers that Arkansas has ever produced. In this episode of Unnatural Acts in the Natural State, Trey Youngdahl explores the deadly history of James “Red” Hall, The Hitchhike Killer.

DISCLAIMER: Strong subjects.

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4 comments on “Episode 01: TRUE CRIME- James “Red” Hall

  1. Savannah Bayles says:

    You are a captivating storyteller and listening to you makes me want to learn more about what else has happened in Arkansas

    1. Ashley Smith says:

      Thank you! Keep listening every other week to hear more stories of the Unnatural Acts in the Natural State! For some inside knowledge… Trey may or may not be discussing the mysterious light of Gurdon Arkansas in the next episode!

  2. Bob Lancaster says:

    Should be “UN-natural Act”!

  3. Sarah Slay says:

    Just Listened to Your 1st Podcast! I think you are an amazing story teller!
    Excited to hear future stories from you!
    Keep up the Fantastic work!

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