Episode 04: Justin Lapenter

Certified personal trainer, chef, permaculture design consultant, and world traveler, Justin Lapenter, shares his story of overcoming a tragic accident and embarking on worldwide nomadic adventures. Justin breaks down the food system in relation to health and wellness, recalls his time studying at the Earthship Biotecture Academy, and gives the OC gals the low-down on The Cube.

1 comment on “Episode 04: Justin Lapenter

  1. Mike Kelsey says:

    So great to hear Justin’s Voice. What a great life he is living, not only for himself, but for others. I feel fortunate to have played a small part in his development through the Soccer program that we got started despite all the resistance from the High School at the time. The soccer program continues to this day, although no longer managed by the parents, but they now have actual paid coaches. He was a leader on the team and a real team player, that gave all at practice as well as when in game. It certainly appears that he has carried that temperament into all that he does.

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