Episode 05: McCurtain County Tourism Authority

In this episode Jay and Shilo reserve some time with Dave Smulyan, Chairman of the McCurtain County Tourism Authority. They discuss where tourism in Hochatown started, where it is, and where they see it going. They also touch on attractions and investing in Hochatown. All music rights in this podcast are owned by Lucas Ebert https://open.spotify.com/album/6VZJfxvq8aw19P8g7U563k?si=LvIs2dZDQ42ii7W__YF0eA

1 comment on “Episode 05: McCurtain County Tourism Authority

  1. Kelly says:

    I enjoyed your podcast. Our kids live in North Richland Hills, Texas. We live on 320 acres in central Oklahoma. For the past 35 years we have enjoyed staying in Hochatown. It was beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. We camped for many years but now own a home in the heart of Hochatown. You have created chaos in what was once a peaceful place to escape to. You made a comment that when you visit your son in Dallas you dislike the traffic. The same thing has happened in Hochatown. It has become so crowded that it is no longer enjoyable to the local residents in the area, nor the long time visitors. The beauty is being destroyed by the money being generated. So sad that the most beautiful place in Oklahoma is being destroyed!

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