Episode 07: SUPERNATURAL- The Fouke Monster

For centuries now, stories of an anthropomorphic, ape-like creature have have been shared all across the states. Though these stories date back to indigenous tribes, among the most famous of these stories is that of the Fouke Monster. This story describes an encounter between a man named Bobby Ford, and a giant 7 foot monster with brown fur, large claws and glowing red eyes. This encounter made national news and even inspired a hit 1972 movie called “The Legend of Boggy Creek,” that would go on to have two sequels. In this episode of Unnatural Acts in the Natural State, Trey Youngdahl recounts this story, the history surrounding it, and shares some theories about what could explain it.

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Keep Arkansas Beautiful Sasquatch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78JWPjiJTX0

1 comment on “Episode 07: SUPERNATURAL- The Fouke Monster

  1. Nathan Owen says:

    Love it. I’m new to the Mena and love supernatural topics.

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