Episode 07: Tom Oar

In this episode, Steve sits down with Mountain Man Tom Oar. Tom was a fan-favorite star of the History channel’s show ‘Mountain Men’, where they gave viewers a glimpse into the lives of people who live off-grid. Though Tom was a successful bull-rider in his youth, he now spends his days on the show demonstrating his skills as a trapper, selling pelts and making period correct clothing for Black Powder Rendezvous meetings.

7 comments on “Episode 07: Tom Oar

  1. Sharye says:

    Tom is a favorite. Always enjoy his words of wisdom.

    1. Ashley Smith says:

      We had a great time having him on the show!

  2. Jody Hunt says:

    So KS Tom moving from Idaho

    1. Ashley Smith says:

      No, from what we can gather from what he mentions in the episode, he is not going to be moving.

  3. Pat hoban says:

    How do you open the pod cast

    1. Ashley Smith says:

      You should be able to hit that play button at the header of the screen. Thank you for tuning in!

  4. Beverly Connor says:

    Love MM especially Tom & Nancy

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