Episode 10: Producer Trey Youngdahl

In this episode, Steve sits down with The Ouachita Podcasts and The Ouachita Bushcraft and Survival Show producer Trey Youngdahl. Trey is a published outdoors writer, trained EMT and avid bug-out practitioner. They talk about hunting and gun safety, using a GPS and how to use in conjunction with a compass, the nominal effects of declination in Arkansas, car bug-out essentials, animal awareness, and more. The Ouachita Bushcraft and Survival Show is brought to you by Area Solar!

1 comment on “Episode 10: Producer Trey Youngdahl

  1. Jackye Pruitt says:

    Loved this episode! Great idea about unchambering ammo, even though safety on, when climbing up or down game stand.
    I’m gonna buy hand crank battery..great to have on hand!
    AND now I know why a handled snake smells musky. I thought they all did. Never wanted to get that close to any of them…lol

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