Episode 54: Lacey Yoakem

In this episode, Ashley and Jodi sit down with professional hiker and blogger Lacey Yoakem. They talk about growing up in the Ouachitas, how her hiking page “Wanderlust and Arkansas Dust” was started, hiker safety, Pantera, and the best trails in Arkansas! The Ouachita Chronicles is brought to you by Don’s EZ Pay!

1 comment on “Episode 54: Lacey Yoakem

  1. Steve says:

    My wife and I spent ten years hiking to every one of Ernst’s waterfalls. It took that long because we live in South Arkansas and I wasn’t retired yet. Now we are within two of finishing the second edition falls. We are both 66 and still hiking strong. Just bought land to build a cabin near Jasper. Great show!

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