Episode 65: Fever Dreams

In this episode the boys Parley on Pollen, Police and Preperation H.

-Pollen straight to the spine.
-When you are sick you are not well.
-Jay’s fever mattress.
-The origins of the Iron Gut.
-The Joshua tree theory.
-Con Air educated the masses.
-Call Coppery VS Shoot Facery.
-Tyler’s Mysterious Garbage Angel.
-The boys get gross at the end.

The Regrettable Podcast brought to you by Laura Lindly Attorney at Law.
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2 comments on “Episode 65: Fever Dreams

  1. Vox Poe says:

    I moved the trash cans out to the street for you. lol

  2. Vox Poe says:

    Yes I moved your trash can for you. lol

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