Episode 71: Olive Loaf

In this episode the boys Discuss Dallas, Dehydration and Dentists.

-Getting real on Deli Meat.
-How to make a Tuna Melt.
-Shellfish allergies make you weak.
-Rabbit starvation per survivorman.
-The Ramadan Taco.
-Mcdonalds Stories.
-Lineperson for the county.
-The Massey household needs to eat better.
-Cheese Pizza and Potatoes.

The Regrettable Podcast brought to you by Laura Lindly Attorney at Law.
Check us out on social media, or send us an email at regrettablejtp@gmail.com. All music and production credits host Tyler Massey. Jay Lindly and Patrick Massey co-hosting. Disclaimer: Strong language, Sensitive subjects.

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