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Episode 110: Cornholio

In this episode the boys blab on Bugs, Babies and Breaking Bad. -Patricks Utility room.-Tyler’s interested in buying a house.-Entertaining Baby Miles.-How to not hate your children.-Dealing with a...

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Episode 109: The Snake Eats It’s Tail.

In this episode the boys speak remotely again. -Dealing with death in the family.-Stupid reasons to call in sick.-Manly Facebook drama.-People are crazy, don’t mess with them.-Getting out of...

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Episode 108: Decadence

In this episode the boys are back at the 92.1 studios. -Best quinceanera songs.-Tyler and his baby survive covid.-Borg is just Fight punch.-Don’t stay in vegas for long.-How to...

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Episode 107: Turnin’ Stomachs

In this episode the boys are finally reunited! -False Awards.-Tyler is a Brony.-Tyler explains the internet to the complete disgust of Patrick and Jay.-Who’s the worst treated in society?-Facebook...

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Episode 106: “Worst Of” Part 3

In this episode we return to the “Worst Of” from episodes 21-30, and they talk about Laura Lindly. Alot. The Regrettable Podcast brought to you by Laura Lindly Attorney...

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Episode 105: Outrage

In this episode the boys talk about everybody getting angry. -Spy Baloons.-War with China?-Sam Smith is the Devil?-Eyes wide shut.-When will the world end?-Hogwarts Legacy.-Goblin Mode.-Kidney Stones. The Regrettable...

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Episode 104: The Matrix

In this episode the boys recuperate from their Cabin Trip. -Tik Tok music career.-Tyler got too twisted.-Experience a different universe.-Stupid drug shamans.-Are you lying to yourself?-Social constructs.-How did America...

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Episode 103: Snakes

In this episode the boys banter on Birds, Bill O’Rielly, and Broad shoulders. -Google how to commit murder.-Patrick’s Kookaburra impression.-Dynamic media.-Drag story time.-Don’t wear pink in Russia.-New Facebook Saga.-The...

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Episode 102: I Stand With You

In this episode the boys record remotely, apologies for the audio quality. -Do you celebrate 33 years old?-Throw me in the trash.-Funeral Music.-Everybody lies, especially George Santos.-What the hell...

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Episode 101: Backgammon

In this episode the boys Celebrate the start of Season 3 -Magic the Gathering is for Men.-Nerds are broke.-Sick Children.-Constructive Criticism.-Stolen Luggage.-Creep guys.-How to get fat.-Patrick’s Depressed. The Regrettable...

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Episode 100: All Hat and No Cattle

In this episode the boys celebrate their 100th episode. -Drug store cowboys-Celebratory shooting-Cock fighting rings.-Knocking over a tower.-The Kaiser Show.-BTW Kampala is the capital of Uganda, Patrick.-Corthee McCarmac.-Jehova’s Witnesses...

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Episode 99: Kaiser Kuo

In this episode the boys speak with the legendary Kaiser Kuo of the China project. Check out the Sinica Podcast at You can follow Kaiser and everything he’s up...

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