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Episode 76: Taking Jobs

In this episode the boys get ready for vacation. -Getting Patriotic.-The least American place on the planet.-Ergonomic problems on Regrettable.-Where or what is Kashmir?-Lego Nazi’s.-Stay away from Facebook.-The boys...

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Episode 75: Lucky Strikes

In this episode the boys Speak on Silverados, Stealing, and Scoliosis. -A proper series 2.-Regrettable technical difficulties.-The truck is dead.-Fast food breakdowns.-Getting sweet on a gal.-Old school advertising.-New fat.-Blake...

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Episode 74: Garbage

In this episode the boys Rant on Reagan, Relationships, Raunchiness. -Tyler is on a pedestal.-A question is never gotten to.-Fascist Orange Soda.-Our multiple Personalities.-Capitalism-Lite.-Where all the pot stores going.-Meta...

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Episode 73: Humble Brags

In this episode the boys had to Re-Record. -The Art of Manliness is for simps.-Youtube Usefulness.-Boring Onlyfans.-Patreon, Yes or No?-Tyler’s new place isn’t haunted.-Too much fast food.-Moving horror stories.-Getting...

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Episode 72: Phobias

In this episode the boys Talk on Transmitters, Transitioners, and Transcendance. -Let’s do a mic check.-Big changes are coming.-Patrick and Tyler can’t do a radio show anymore.-Working with people.-Jay...

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Episode 71: Olive Loaf

In this episode the boys Discuss Dallas, Dehydration and Dentists. -Getting real on Deli Meat.-How to make a Tuna Melt.-Shellfish allergies make you weak.-Rabbit starvation per survivorman.-The Ramadan Taco.-Mcdonalds...

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Episode 70: We the People

In this episode the boys Converse on Catfish, Cops, and The Constitution. -Tyler shoots down an aspiring artist.-The most embarrassing video.-Ugly Tik-Tok’ers-First Ammendmant Warriors.-Tyler detox’s off Youtube.-Another Platoon Quote.-Freedom...

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Episode 69: Champions

In this episode the boys Heat, Hiking and High School Musical. -It’s getting hot.-Dry vs Wet Heat.-Camping and Glamping.-Tyler is stuffed on meatloaf.-How to mow.-Moving to a new place.-We...

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Episode 68: Madness.

In this episode the boys Bust on Bee’s, Billionaires and Balsamic vinaigrette. -Cows are from the gods.-Hunting dentists.-Things are hinged on so many things.-Ashton kutcher gets mentioned twice.-Scrubby Millionaires.-Woke...

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Episode 67: Live from the Backyard

In this episode the boys are Raw and Unedited. Listener discretion is advised. -Jay’s Alaska cruise.-Talking other podcasts.-We need a hipster producer.-What it’s like in a dry county.-Why do...

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Episode 66: The Ten Percent

In this episode the boys Rap on Rovers, Reporters, and Rudy. -Boujie Patrick.-Email Scams.-Baby Updates.-What will be said about Covid in 10 years.-Nobody likes being told what to do.-New...

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Episode 65: Fever Dreams

In this episode the boys Parley on Pollen, Police and Preperation H. -Pollen straight to the spine.-When you are sick you are not well.-Jay’s fever mattress.-The origins of the...

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Imagine you've turned on a podcast intent on listening to a group of well-read guys full of quality information on topics you find important. This isn't that podcast. Jay, Tyler, and Patrick cultivate hilarity in the most relatable ways. The 'better left unsaid' doesn't exist on Regrettable.