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Episode 37: Rite of Passage

In this episode the boys Mull over Muff Masters, Mosh pits and Manliness.-Our brown recluse buddy.-Patricks Intervention.-Tyler gets in trouble with the Fire Chief.-Patrick lashes out.-The boys review another...

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Episode 36: The Regrettable Cruise

In this episode the boys are live on the Broken Tiki Boat.18+ Listener discretion is advised. No show notes this time, listen and enjoy.The Regrettable Podcast brought to you...

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Episode 35: The Aftermath

In this episode the boys Chomp on Chance, Creeps and Covid.-Tyler Likes Laura.-Redundant beer belly shirts.-Utter Covid laziness.-If Patrick was a billionaire.-Drive Thru etiquette.-Patrick gets drenched.-Jay practices in the...

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Episode 34: Live at the Tiki Bar

18+ Listener discretion is advised.In this episode the boys Gab on Games, Grape Drank, and Grandma’s Gone wild.-The introduction of SBM.-There are no Rules.-Patrick’s prep is useless.-Lazy Products-Tyler pegs...

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Episode 33: The Regrettable Parade

In this episode the boys Spit on Science, Superman and Sea Shanties.-Greg Revels Hates/Loves us?-Tyler’s yawning annoys Patrick.-Capital Shenanigans.-Fake word Semantics.-Tyler tries and fails.-Pizzaro was a d-word.-The boys are...

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Episode 32: Onionwear

In this episode the boys contemplate Clothes, Corrections and Cool Uncles.-Patrick wears underwear that he doesn’t own.-Tyler won’t help Patrick.-Failure is always an option.-The Regrettable Cruise.-Errata.-Dead Boyfriends. We just...

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Episode 31: Brick Rodeo

In this episode the boys chop up Cookie, Cab Fare, and Cutting Vegetables.-The boys celebrate Soulja Boy’s Birthday.-Unsolicited Dizzle Pizzles.-Patrick’s Secret Hobby.-Jay pushes prep off until next week.-Creepy Listener...

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Episode 30: Rebels

In this episode the boys celebrate their 30th episode with guest host Greg Revels. Bezos is Dr. Evil. Blue Virgin X. Everyone wants Greg Revels. Rural Arkansas in the...

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Episode 29: Duds

In this episode the boys Confess on Chronology, Children and Cream Cheese. Patrick uses life as prep. Jay is done. For the diabetic on the go! Tyler and his...

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Episode 28: The Grand Finale

In this episode the boys Harp on Hesitant Hijackers, Harassment, and Hochatown Cruise’s. Vin Diesel and The Rock stop a hijacker. Catch Those bees or catch these hands. Tyler...

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Episode 27: Last Man Standing

In this episode the boys Feed on Flutes, The Fifth Element, and Fleetwood Mac. It’s clear Patrick’s hatred for Tyler is getting critical. Tyler is in love with an...

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Episode 26: The Monk of Dew Mountain

In this episode the boys celebrate half a year of podcasting. -Patrick hates British accents. -Jay discovered Window Shopper for OKC -Tyler encounters a mini boss. -Cream of mushroom...

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Imagine you've turned on a podcast intent on listening to a group of well-read guys full of quality information on topics you find important. This isn't that podcast. Jay, Tyler, and Patrick cultivate hilarity in the most relatable ways. The 'better left unsaid' doesn't exist on Regrettable.