Episode 18: Go Panthers

In this episode Greg Revels and Toney Stowers Discuss the upcoming basketball games after Thanksgiving break. They also wrap up the Panther’s great season with Jim Cross. -Jeff Tuttle gives his insights on the Dierks outlaws upcoming basketball season.-Jim Cross gives his thoughts on the Panthers loss to Harding Academy and wraps up the season…

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Episode 21: Paul Newman, Gorilla Monsoon, Rev. Jerry Falwell, 1993 Lucky Bulls shot

In this episode, Pryce gives you some interesting facts about Paul Newman; “Boontling”, the jargon/argot spoken by people in Northern California since the late 19th century (a re-airing of a recent segment); classic wrestler Gorilla Monsoon; the Rev. Jerry Falwell (a rebroadcast of a previous segment); and a Chicago office supply salesman’s lucky $1 million…

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Episode 08: Remembering Tommy Chong, March Madness, and Velvet McIntyre

In this episode, Uncle John and Kelly sit back and recall the time when Uncle John met Tommy Chong, the Razorbacks’ March Madness upcoming game, swap meets, wrestling legend Velvet McIntyre, and Uncle John’s “last official meeting with the police in Arkansas”.

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