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Episode 19: Mel Tillis, Shandi Sinnamon, Wendy Richter, Mark Tatum, and Jim Brady

In this episode, Pryce gives you the facts about Mel Tillis, singer-songwriter Shandi Sinnamon (a replay of a previous segment), women’s wrestling star Wendi Richter, the story of Mark Tatum aka “The Man Without a Face” (yet another replay of a recent segment), and how Gilded Age icon Diamond Jim Brady ate himself to death…

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Episode 10: Remembering ‘Snout’, Pre-COVID Life, The Undertaker, Aretha Franklin and Elton John

In this episode, the boys talk about the changing of the seasons, the new dollar store opening in Chidester, the decline of COVID, a local legend, Mark Calaway “The Undertaker”, Aretha Franklin and Elton John.

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