Episode 41: Sellouts

In this episode the boys Protest Points of Personal Privilege. -Let’s go ahead and cut that out.-The Lindly Extravafestaeatathon.-Modern communists suck.-Learning local government.-Selling out for the cruise.-Tyler is bad at math again.-You can’t cancel Chappelle.-Do guys want flowers?-The boring preachy part. Visit to get tickets to The Regrettable Cruise 2! The Regrettable Podcast brought…

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Episode 11: Carey Byars

In this episode, the girls (virtually) sit down with film-maker and professor Carey Byars. Byars created a documentary about the Commonwealth college, a radical, left-wing labor college located near Mena, Arkansas during the Great Depression. How was the college founded? Who were the alumni? Was there really a communist revolt within the college? Listen along…

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