Episode 31: Brick Rodeo

In this episode the boys chop up Cookie, Cab Fare, and Cutting Vegetables.-The boys celebrate Soulja Boy’s Birthday.-Unsolicited Dizzle Pizzles.-Patrick’s Secret Hobby.-Jay pushes prep off until next week.-Creepy Listener writes in. We just wanted to let everyone know that we will be doing a Live podcast August the 28th on the Tiki Boat tour on…

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Episode 18: Whitey on the Moon

In this episode the boys ramble on Rappers, Redbulls, and Racist commercials.-The last thing you do in the world is Die-Jay and Tyler nerd out on Hip Hop-Patrick doesn’t like Jimi Hendrix-If you got wanderlust go to Madrid-Tyler doesn’t want to hang out with Benjamin Franklin-Dr. Michio Kaku stops by. Check us out on social media,…

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