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Episode 149: Six Packs a Day

In this episode the boys Speak on Sales, Service, and Slum Lords. -Have you ever had a moment that lasts a week?-Got Miles in daily jail.-Getting Drunk on a cruise.-Suspicious of Toyota and Ford.-Ghandi working at a Pyaday Loans.-Patrick is absolutely broke.-Stolen porpane tanks.-How stupid are the people of Iowa? Check us out on social…

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Episode 98: Adulting.

In this episode the boys paint on Parachutes, Pain, and Prisoners. -Diaper Party.-Conversations around the fire.-Chicken Teriyaki Boy.-Jay’s Family Cruise.-Watch Jay get choked out.-Useless dentist appointment.-The pain scale.-Prisoner Swaps. The Regrettable Podcast brought to you by Laura Lindly Attorney at Law.Check us out on social media, or send us an email at All music…

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Episode 90: “Worst Of” Part 1

In this episode the boys compile their worst early Regrettable moments. Apologies for the swinging audio, we were still finding the audio sweet spot in these early episodes and the files have been converted more times than Demi Lovato. Enjoy the “Worst Of” bits from episodes 1-10, back to regular episodes next week and more…

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