hip hop

Episode 67: Live from the Backyard

In this episode the boys are Raw and Unedited. Listener discretion is advised. -Jay’s Alaska cruise.-Talking other podcasts.-We need a hipster producer.-What it’s like in a dry county.-Why do we edit out curse words?-Tyler gets deep on Hip-Hop.-The paradigm shift.-America is the best.-Being irreplaceable. The Regrettable Podcast brought to you by Laura Lindly Attorney at…

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Episode 44: Cody Davis

In this episode, Ashley and Jodi sit down with musician (and Harry Potter memorabilia connoisseur) Cody Davis! Cody tells stories of growing up in Mena, musical influences, playing on the road with Charlie Farley, and even gives us the low-down on some of his scars. Also, there may not be some live tunes involved (if…

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Episode 18: Whitey on the Moon

In this episode the boys ramble on Rappers, Redbulls, and Racist commercials.-The last thing you do in the world is Die-Jay and Tyler nerd out on Hip Hop-Patrick doesn’t like Jimi Hendrix-If you got wanderlust go to Madrid-Tyler doesn’t want to hang out with Benjamin Franklin-Dr. Michio Kaku stops by. Check us out on social media,…

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