music history

Episode 24: Graphic Novels, The Undertaker, A Dangerous Banana, and Musical Pioneers

In this episode, Pryce talks about some great moments in graphic novels, wrestling legend The Undertaker, how a Salt Lake City woman sustained injuries…from a banana!… and a look at two pioneers in the music industry, punk/garage rockers The Monks and Wanda Jackson, the “Queen of Rockabilly”.

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Episode 19: Mel Tillis, Shandi Sinnamon, Wendy Richter, Mark Tatum, and Jim Brady

In this episode, Pryce gives you the facts about Mel Tillis, singer-songwriter Shandi Sinnamon (a replay of a previous segment), women’s wrestling star Wendi Richter, the story of Mark Tatum aka “The Man Without a Face” (yet another replay of a recent segment), and how Gilded Age icon Diamond Jim Brady ate himself to death…

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