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Episode 65: Fever Dreams

In this episode the boys Parley on Pollen, Police and Preperation H. -Pollen straight to the spine.-When you are sick you are not well.-Jay’s fever mattress.-The origins of the Iron Gut.-The Joshua tree theory.-Con Air educated the masses.-Call Coppery VS Shoot Facery.-Tyler’s Mysterious Garbage Angel.-The boys get gross at the end. The Regrettable Podcast brought…

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Episode 63: Pamphlets

In this episode the mic’s were a little loud, whoops. -Patricks Birthday.-Champions at Dillards.-Patricks Shaving Accident.-Campfire stories.-Zucchini Bread.-Keep your kids off of facebook.-Someone got slapped.-Instagram models.-Lets get some military vehicles. The Regrettable Podcast brought to you by Laura Lindly Attorney at Law.Check us out on social media, or send us an email at All…

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Episode 50: How It Was

In this Episode the boys Mock Millennial Management Material. -Christmas is better as an adult. -A new year of podcasting. -Shots fired. -Starbucks employee quits with a song. -Future is slangin’ laptops. -Tyler clubs Jay and Patricks Ideas. -How to social media. -We beat The Regrettable Century. The Regrettable Podcast brought to you by Laura…

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