Episode 16: Black Widows and Crossbow Season

In this episode, Steve and Trey talk about Steve’s recent encounter with the deadly and infamous black widow! They also talk about gearing-up for early bow season in Arkansas. The Ouachita Bushcraft and Survival Show is brought to you by Hershel Bell Real Estate!

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Episode 38: Teena Brown

In this episode, Ashley and Jeri sit down with Clarice’s House of Hope organizer Teena Brown. The non-profit is centered around helping cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy with wigs, gas money, etc. Teena shares her personal experiences with watching a close loved one suffer with cancer and how that sparked the founding of the organization. The…

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Episode 02: Cody Lundin

Cody Lundin, world-renowned survivalist, author, survival skills instructor and former long-time co-host of the survival show ‘Dual Survival’, joins Steve Stillwell in this Episode of The Ouachita Bushcraft and Survival Show. Steve and Mr. Lundin talk about the thermal limits of the human body, diseased rodents, teaching survival classes, and even bare-handed fishing. 

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