Episode 34: The Golf Scramble

In this episode Greg and Toney talk about Baseball and Softball in Southwest Arkansas. -The boys look at De Queen, Cossatot River, Horatio, Ashdown and Foreman.-Jeff Tuttle back in the studio to talk about the Dierks Outlaws. -The Outlaws Booster Club Golf Scramble is wrapped up.-The boys predict the final 4. -The Shreveport Mudbugs. The…

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Episode 08: Remembering Tommy Chong, March Madness, and Velvet McIntyre

In this episode, Uncle John and Kelly sit back and recall the time when Uncle John met Tommy Chong, the Razorbacks’ March Madness upcoming game, swap meets, wrestling legend Velvet McIntyre, and Uncle John’s “last official meeting with the police in Arkansas”.

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