Episode 64: Justin Lapenter Returns!

In this episode, Ashley and Jodi sit down AGAIN with Justin Lapenter! Originally featured on episode four of the Ouachita Chronicles, Lapenter returns to continue his story where he left off. The Ouachita Chronicles is brought to you by Don’s EZ Pay!

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Episode 37: Desiree Dore

In this episode, Ashley and Jeri sit down with mystic Desiree Dore. Des can only be described as “a beautiful ball of light, spreading love and happiness wherever she goes.” She talks about her trauma, history with abuse, how she became spiritual, and even runs the ladies (as well as the listeners) through a breathing…

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Episode 04: Justin Lapenter

Certified personal trainer, chef, permaculture design consultant, and world traveler, Justin Lapenter, shares his story of overcoming a tragic accident and embarking on worldwide nomadic adventures. Justin breaks down the food system in relation to health and wellness, recalls his time studying at the Earthship Biotecture Academy, and gives the OC gals the low-down on…

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