Episode 14: Base Camp Basics

In this episode, Steve and Producer Trey talk about base camp conditions, fishing on the fly, atv utilitarianism, and camp cooking.

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Episode 11: Keith Sayers Part 1

In this episode, Steve Stillwell sits down with Keith Sayers. Keith Sayers was one of the featured contestants on the History Channel show ‘Alone’. They talk about Keith’s time on the show, flintlock hunting, and turkey hunting, as well as the mental aspect of survival. The Ouachita Bushcraft and Survival Show is brought to you…

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Episode 10: Producer Trey Youngdahl

In this episode, Steve sits down with The Ouachita Podcasts and The Ouachita Bushcraft and Survival Show producer Trey Youngdahl. Trey is a published outdoors writer, trained EMT and avid bug-out practitioner. They talk about hunting and gun safety, using a GPS and how to use in conjunction with a compass, the nominal effects of…

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