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Episode 10: SUPERNATURAL- The Mena Poltergeist

Have you ever heard a bump in the night? Maybe you felt like someone was always watching you? Many of these occurrences have logical explanations. Sometimes it’s just the...

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Episode 09: TRUE CRIME- The West Memphis Three

During the 80’s and 90’s, satanic panic was sweeping the nation. Everything from burglary to graffiti was being blamed on so-called “satanists” and “occultists”, even when the claims were...

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Episode 08: TRUE CRIME- Old Mike

Could you imagine driving past a corpse every day? What about growing up with one on display in close proximity to you? Well, in the small town of Prescott,...

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Episode 07: SUPERNATURAL- The Fouke Monster

For centuries now, stories of an anthropomorphic, ape-like creature have have been shared all across the states. Though these stories date back to indigenous tribes, among the most famous...

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Episode 06: TRUE CRIME- Tony Alamo Part 2

This is part two of Unnatural Acts’ coverage of Tony Alamo, an evangelical street minister turned cult leader who ran labor camps for both adults and children in Arkansas....

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Episode 05: TRUE CRIME- Tony Alamo Part 1

Tony Alamo was an evangelical street minister turned cult leader who ran labor camps for both adults and children in Arkansas. Among the unspeakable things he did to people...

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Episode 04: SUPERNATURAL- The Crescent Hotel, “America’s Most Haunted Hotel”

The notoriously haunted Crescent Hotel is not only a staple of Eureka Springs, but of Arkansas in general. Did you know that a quack, self-proclaimed doctor named Norman Baker...

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Episode 03: TRUE CRIME- The Rise and Fall of Frank Flynn, The Crime Boss of Hot Springs

Hot Springs, Arkansas is known nationally for Oaklawn, the horse-racing enterprise and gambling facility. But, gambling used to be very illegal in Hot Springs and it was all controlled...

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Episode 02: SUPERNATURAL- The Gurdon Light

For nearly a century, the residents of Gurdon, Arkansas have borne witness to an enigmatic orb, or ball of light, floating near the train tracks. Could it possibly be...

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Episode 01: TRUE CRIME- James “Red” Hall

If you knew what was good for you, you wouldn’t be picking up hitchhikers. There have been an estimated 500 hitchhiking murders on the interstate since 1979 (https://wandrlymagazine.com/article/hitchhiking/). Imagine...

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