Episode 14: Here, you get bacon

In this episode the boys Dish on Disappearances, Decadence, and Demand. “America is a drunken booty call” “Cheeseburgers and guns, so be it” “Tyler Talks Truck nuts” “Jay will never pay 5 bucks for a pack” “What you building there? Oil Derricks” Check us out on social media, or send us an email at All music and…

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Episode 12: Mountain Dew Camacho

In this episode the boys address America, Automation, and Authoritarianism.  Patrick Massey Co-hosting/Carrying. All music and production credits Tyler Massey, big thanks to everyone at the Ouachita Podcasts, and to everyone listening. Props for hanging in there with us. Disclaimer: Sensitive Subjects and Strong Language.

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Episode 02: Crept Up On You

In this episode the boys pontificate on Protesters, Politics, and Privacy. This episode may be a little heavier considering America experienced a singular event this week. We hope everyone can have some fun with us on these subjects. All music and production credits Tyler Massey. Co Host credits: Patrick Massey, Jay Wesley Lindly. Warning: Mild…

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