Episode 05: Mike Lowe

Mike Lowe was one of the many talented survivalists featured on the History Channel Show ‘Alone’. In this episode, he talks about his experience with the show, his homestead, bushcraft ingenuity, wilderness cooking and more.

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Episode 04: Lindsay Persico

Lindsay Persico was one of the featured survivalists on the History Channel show ‘Alone: The Beast’ where she, along with two strangers, were dropped in the wilderness together and were told to survive with minimal gear. They talk about bushcraft, the experience on the show, hunting, and fitness.

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Episode 01: J. Wayne Fears

Our host Steve Stillwell kicks off his pilot episode by interviewing one of the most prolific outdoors writers, Mr. J. Wayne Fears. Mr. Fears is a very accomplished author, having published over twenty books, and thousands of articles. In this episode, Steve and Mr. Fears talk about being stranded in the wilderness, encountering rattlesnakes, survival…

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